Which of you resolved to finally make pasta from scratch this year?? It’s soooo easy!

“Saturday night will remain Hockey Night in Canada on CBC.”

Watch Rick Mercer share his thoughts on Toronto’s controversial mayor.


It finally happened.

Here’s hoping we don’t change logos anytime soon!

Four Martin Moments on Republic of Doyle

Tomorrow on Republic of Doyle, Nicholas Campbell returns as Martin Poole, Rose’s ex-husband and a recurring pain in the butt to the Doyles in the new episode, Gun For Hire. Here are a few of our favourite Martin moments.

When Martin welcomes Rose into his motel room so he can sign divorce papers…

When Martin makes an inappropriate remark about Mal’s grand-daughter…

When Martin surprised Malachy in his home…

Or how about when Martin appears as a vision for Rose (not really)…

Things didn’t go so well for Jake Doyle last night, but when do they ever. Watch the episode online.

22 Minutes season premiere: GIF Edition

As seen on yesterday’s season premiere of 22 Minutes

What does BodyBreak’s Joanne Mcleod really think of Hal Johnson’s mustache?


What happens to Canadians when they drink American beer — it’s an actual allergy, studies back this up.


Billy Ray Cyrus shared his thoughts on the antics of his daughter, Miley Cyrus.


 When Shaun Majumder suggests that there would be many benefits to merging the United States with Canada…


22 Minutes correspondent Abdul Butt shares a moment with Hérouxville town councillor André Drouin, the man who inspired the Quebec Charter of Values with his controversial 2007 document called Hérouxville Standards.


Al Pacino giving an Oscar-worthy performance as Pamela Wallin.


Slash is on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight at 7pm on CBC-TV, talking about his new horror film Nothing Left to Fear. We speculated what his next movie could be and are happy to provide him with this proof of concept at no charge.